About Us

Who We Are?

City Carpet Cleaning is a family-owned business that is providing carpet steam cleaning and other cleaning services. We have procedures that are very effective and enduring to deal with any type of stain or cleaning issue. The experts of this company can provide Professional Cleaning Services including stain removal, germs removal, mould removal, and odour removal. Our experts are certified, empowered, and skilled as well as fully experienced to clean carpets, mattresses, upholsteries, curtains, tiles, and rugs. We have the best solution and we do extreme care with our Eco-friendly Cleaning agents. Our cleaning procedures are totally safe and harmless to the environment.   

Our Solutions And Services

There are many solutions and services that we offer to the customers. We can provide intense care to carpets, mattresses, upholsteries, curtains, tiles, and rugs that need to be steam cleaned and treated with shampooing cleaning. Our inspection is necessary as it is used to detect cleaning problems. After inspecting, we give the best solution with instant cleaning results. We offer Steam Cleaning, Dry cleaning, stain treatment, deodorisation, sanitization, and mould removal services. Our services are effective and give customers desired results as we don’t use harsh chemicals while cleaning carpets, mattresses, upholsteries, curtains, tiles, and rugs. 

How Do We Deal With Your Problems?

Our process of cleaning is famous as we take care of every small and important thing. Before cleaning, we check everything no matter what type of stain or what type of cleaning problem you may have. We are always here to provide the best solution with cleaning and maintenance tips. We follow 4 and 5 steps to complete the procedure or our steps are used according to the condition.

  •  Inspection
  •  Vacuuming
  •  Pre stain treatment
  •  Stain removal
  • Steam cleaning or dry clean
  •  Drying treatment
  • Sanitisation and deodorisation

Our Skills and Certifications

Our skills and certifications are appreciable as we are fully certified to provide services everywhere in Brisbane or nearby places. We have cleaning specialists who have proper experience and knowledge about the different kinds of carpets, mattresses, upholsteries, curtains, tiles, and rugs.

Why Brisbane’s People Love Us For Various Cleaning Services

The people of Brisbane love us as we have been The Fast Service Provider for any cleaning requirement for carpets, mattresses, upholsteries, curtains, tiles, and rugs. People often hire us because we offer same-day and emergency cleaning services with eco-friendly cleaning solutions. People can get free quotes from the company before any booking.

We Are Available In Brisbane And Nearby Places

We are available in all suburbs of Brisbane and nearby places as well. We can provide the services in eastern suburbs, western suburbs, Northern suburbs & southern suburbs. Our customers can get our Cleaning Services at any time anywhere in Brisbane and nearby places.