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    Tile & Grout Cleaning Specialists Brisbane QLD

    If you are looking to fix an issue relating to tile or grout cleaning, then you are at the right place! City Carpet Cleaning Brisbane is here to offer the best service to make your unclean tiles and grout a shiny look.

    Discover the Expertise of Our Dedicated Tile and Grout Cleaning Team Brisbane

    We have a separate Tile and Grout Cleaning Brisbane team with the best solutions to your dirty tiles and grout. We are the leading company offering exclusive tile cleaning, grout cleaning, tile repair, tile replacement, stripping, and sealing the floor at the most affordable price anywhere in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Ipswich, and nearby suburbs. You must understand the role of professional cleaning in keeping your tiled floor intact and healthy.

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    Tile And Grout Cleaning Brisbane

    Tile Cleaning In Brisbane

    The most economical tile cleaning service in Brisbane

    Tile Stain Removal In Brisbane

    Professional solutions for all stubborn stains on tiles.

    Tile Polishing In Brisbane

    Affordable polishing services for all tile floors.

    We Are Professional Tile And Grout Cleaning Brisbane Specialists

    Cleaning of tiles and grouts makes them look more beautiful and enhances the beauty of your house. For this purpose in Brisbane, we have a separate Tile And Grout Cleaning team for the best services. If you are looking for commendable tile and grout cleaning services, you can contact us now. Our tile and grout cleaning Brisbane professionals have years of experience dealing with all problems. We can remove dirt, stains, moulds, germs, efflorescence and odours from tiled floors. Our good features include:

    • Available for all residential and commercial tile cleaning services in Brisbane.
    • Effective solutions for grout sealing and recoloring in Brisbane.
    • Eco-friendly tile and grout cleaning services are available.
    • Certified tile and grout cleaners.
    • Cleaning all tiles used in bathroom, kitchen and other rooms.
    • Same-day tile and grout cleaning
    • Moreover, our tile and grout cleaning cost is budget-friendly. Therefore there is no need to worry about your budget. We are loved by the residents of Brisbane for our extraordinary services and ordinary prices.
    • The steam cleaning technology we use for tile and grout cleaning is advanced and safe.
    • The solution for cleaning the grouts we use is according to the material of the grout to keep them intact.
    • We can be right there for your help within an hour of your bookings if required.

    Therefore ping no one except us to schedule a tile and grout cleaning service in Brisbane.

    Advantages Of Cleaning Your Tiles And Grouts Regularly By Professionals

    There are a lot many advantages of regular tile and grout cleaning services by professionals. Have a look at a few of them:

    • Regular tile and grout cleaning by professionals make the floor look clean and new.
    • Since grouts are porous, the floor accumulates a lot of dust and dirt and looks untidy. Regular tile and grout cleaning by professionals clean bacteria and germs along with dirt and dust away from the tiles.  Professionals have the right machine to clean tiles and grouts.
    • Expert scrubs the tiles in such a way that they eliminate all the stubborn stains from your tiles, making them look spotless especially when it is done regularly.
    • Regular tile and grout cleaning by professionals help in the prevention of mould growth. Moulds grow as a result of moisture and destroy the entire tile. Experts have the right equipment to remove the moulds from the tiles.
    • Regular tile and grout cleaning by professionals also keeps the bad odour at bay.

    What Does It Cost To Clean Tile And Grout In Brisbane?

    Tile and grout cleaning can be expensive in Brisbane. But by choosing us you will get the best deals and that will complete your work within your budget. We offer premium quality tile steam cleaning services at 5 AUD per square meter. The cost of cleaning tile and grout in Brisbane can vary depending on several factors. These factors include the size of the area to be cleaned, the level of dirt and grime buildup, the type of tile and grout, and the specific cleaning method used. On average, professional tile and grout cleaning services in Brisbane can range from approximately $3 to $6 per square meter. Hire us immediately for the best deals starting from $99.

    Tile Sealing Service By Professionals In Brisbane

    We take pride in our specialized Tile and Grout Cleaning team in Brisbane, equipped with top-tier solutions to rejuvenate your worn-out tiles and grout. As a leading service provider, we offer an array of exclusive services, including thorough tile cleaning, grout cleaning, meticulous tile repair, expert tile replacement, and precise floor stripping and sealing. Our commitment remains steadfast: delivering unparalleled quality at the most competitive rates across Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Ipswich, and nearby suburbs.

    Recognize the significance of professional cleaning in preserving the integrity and health of your tiled floors. Our experienced team prioritizes advanced techniques and premium-grade products, ensuring not only the cleanliness but also the longevity of your tile and grout surfaces.

    Elevate your space’s aesthetics and hygiene with our tailored solutions, designed to address the unique needs of each tiled area. Trust [Your Company Name] to deliver exceptional Tile and Grout Cleaning services, ensuring the enduring quality and vitality of your flooring.

    Top Three Features Of Our Team

    Because of our years of service in Brisbane, we have faced various types of tile issues. We know how to clean, seal and solve different tile and grout issues. Simply ring us to book an appointment and our floor and tile cleaners will be there at your doorsteps within an hour of confirmation.

    Customised Cleaning

    We do not use one process at all places. Our teams analyse the condition of the tiles and grouts and accordingly, customise cleaning plans and processes. We believe in a multi-step cleaning process.

    Old Tile Cleaning And Restoration

    Our cleaning process is also restorative. This will not only clean and sanitise your tiles but also you will find a complete makeover of your old tiles and grouts. We can take care of your old tiles.

    Experienced Tile Cleaners

    If you will hire our team, then you will get experienced and certified tile cleaners. We do not send newbies to work. This is highly needed for your tiled floor safety. You will know more by hiring our cleaners.

    Perks of Choosing Our Tile And Grout Cleaning Team In Brisbane

    Our firm offers the best tile and grout cleaning services in Brisbane. Furthermore, we are well-known for providing the best services at the most affordable pricing. Here are a few additional justifications:

    • Professionalism: Our tile and grout cleaning teams are experts in dealing with all types of tile cleaning issues. We have years of experience dealing with all types of tiles and grouts.
    • Accessible: You can book us any time in working hours since our tile and grout cleaning customer care team is active at every minute of our working hours.
    • Safe solutions: The tile and grout cleaning solutions we use are safe and organic. Therefore there is no risk in appointing us for the service.
    • Advancement: The techniques we use for tile and grout cleaning are recent. Hence always provide you with the best cleaning outcomes. We adapt to advancement ASAP.
    • Cost-effective: Our tile and grout cleaning cost is inexpensive. We aim to provide exclusive services in a budget-friendly manner.
    Tile Cleaning Brisbane

    Professionals For Cleaning Tiles In All Areas Of Your Property

    We have a team that has the experience to clean tiles in all areas of your property. Our teams can clean kitchen tiles, shower tiles, bathroom tiles, lounge area tiles, hall tiles, living room floor tiles, outdoor tiles and all indoor tiles.

    Washroom Tile Cleaning

    Washroom Tile Cleaning

    We give the best cleaning service to remove mould, stains and slipping problems from washroom tiles. We can clean the floor as well as the wall tiles.

    Cleaning Tiles In Shower Room

    Cleaning Tiles In Shower Room

    Problems like mould and stains on walls and floors become common when shower room tile is not cleaned properly. We are here to help all those who are facing problems in cleaning these tiles.

    Living Room Tile Cleaning

    Living Room Tile Cleaning

    Your living room tiles also require professional cleaning and care. Though they are not used as harshly as washroom tiles. You can call our professionals for Living Room Tile Cleaning.

    Outdoor Tile Cleaning

    Outdoor Tile Cleaning

    If you need cleaning professionals for tiles that you have used in outdoor patios, garden boundaries, parking areas, and different open places, then you can trust our team for amazing results.

    Professional Countertops Tile Cleaning

    Professional Countertops Tile Cleaning

    The kitchen and bathroom countertops that have tiles can look new and shining with our professional cleaning. We have proven methods for cleaning, stain removal, polishing, sealing and honing tiles.

    Kitchen Floors & Walls Tile Cleaning

    Kitchen Floors & Walls Tile Cleaning

    Once we clean the tiles of kitchen floors and walls, you are okay to resume walking over them straight away. Because we use chemical-free agents and no smell and residue post tile and grout cleaning.

    Mould Removal Gets Easy With Our Tile Cleaners

    Mould is a big problem. Simple mopping and cleaning steps are not a solution to it. You can use our deep steam cleaning service that has been made intentionally to solve problems like mould and slippery tiles. Our team has worked more than a thousand times for mould removal so we have real experience of doing this work. Our treatment will solve the present problem and our tips will help you to maintain a mould-free tile area without much hard work and daily cleaning routines. So, everything gets easy when people call tile cleaning experts from us.

    Why Does Your Floor Need Grouting, Regrouting, Grout Colouring?

    Grouting is a process that involves filling the gaps between tiles or stones with a material called grout. Grout serves both functional and aesthetic purposes in flooring installations. Here’s why you might need grouting, regrouting, or grout coloring for your floor:

    Gap filling: When tiles or stones are installed, there are often gaps between them. Grout is used to fill these gaps, providing stability and preventing movement or shifting of the tiles.

    Water resistance: Grout helps to make the floor more resistant to water penetration. By filling the gaps between tiles, it prevents water from seeping through and reaching the subfloor. This is particularly important in areas prone to moisture, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms.

    Durability: Grout adds strength to the flooring by stabilizing the tiles or stones and reducing the risk of cracking or chipping. It helps distribute the load evenly across the surface and protects the edges of the tiles from damage.

    We Are Expert In Cleaning All Tiled Floors

    There are various kinds of tiles. All the tiles need a different kind of cleaning. Hence our experts use different techniques for cleaning all types of tiles. Not only do we clean ceramic tile but also natural stones. We have customised cleaning techniques for cleaning natural stones because of our years of expertise. Have a look at the tiles and natural stone we clean professionally:

    • Porcelain
    • Mosaic
    • Ceramic
    • Glass
    • Marble
    • Slate

    How To Book Our Tile And Grout Cleaning Brisbane Experts?

    No matter whether you want indoor tile cleaning or outdoor tile cleaning services, we are there for you. For bookings, you have to follow these steps:

    1. Call Or Submit The Form: You just need to call us or submit the form to get a call back from our side.
    2. Discuss Your Needs: We discuss your needs in detail so that we can set everything accordingly before we leave for your services. You can also discuss estimated prices.
    3. Get A Schedule: A date and time will be given to you. On the given schedule, our team will visit your home.

    Our Brisbane Tile and Grout Cleaning Process

    We use a customised method for cleaning your tiles. We work according to the scenario of your tiles and grouts. Have a look at the basic steps we follow for the tile and grout cleaning services:



    Our Tile Cleaners Brisbane professionals begin the cleaning process with an inspection. It helps in a proper understanding of the tile’s condition. According to the situation we make a plan and work on it.

    Cleaning and scrubbing

    Cleaning and scrubbing

    Following the inspection, we begin with tile cleaning and scrubbing. This helps in the removal of germs and dust in between the tiles. The dust is even eliminated from the pores of the tiles.

    Stain treatment

    Stain treatment

    Our experts then work on the stains. We use the most effective and non-toxic stain removers. This helps in the complete removal of stains from your tiles.

    Mould Removal

    Mould removal

    Moulds can grow because of moisture. If not handled carefully, it can result in more mould growth. Our professionals know the right technique for the removal of mould.

    Sanitisation And Deodorisation

    Sanitisation and deodorisation

    Lastly it is very important to sanitise and deodorise the tiles. To make sure all the bad odours and harmful bacteria are eliminated.

    Get Same Day Tile and Grout Services In Brisbane

    Our company is well renowned for providing prompt services. We are ready all year to assist you with all sorts of tile and grout services. Furthermore, when you schedule your reservation, our tile cleaners will arrive within an hour or so.

    • Cleaning and sealing
    • Terrazzo tile & floor cleaning
    • Terracotta floor cleaning
    • Stripping and sealing
    • Tile and grout repair
    • Natural stone sealing
    • Regular machine scrub
    • Complete Shower Restorations
    • Anti-slip treatments
    • Silicone Replacement
    • Resealing Loose Tiles
    • Grout Repairs
    • Fix Tile Cracks and Chips
    • Tile Replacements
    • Stone Stripping and Sealing
    • Tile Stripping and Sealing

    Also, we are proud to offer a comprehensive range of same-day cleaning services to meet all your needs. Our skilled team is equipped to handle various tasks, including carpet cleaningmattress cleaningcarpet repairrug cleaningcarpet stain removalcurtain cleaningcouch cleaning, and end-of-lease carpet cleaning.

    Top 4 Tiled Floor Problems When You Need Quick Action

    Tiled floors face many problems over the years of their use. Cracking, chipping, discolouring, staining, gaps, losing sealants and efflorescence are some common problems. In some conditions, you may wait for some time before calling professionals or fixing them yourself but some problems ask for immediate action. We have mentioned the top 4 problems when you need quick action.

    Increasing Efflorescence

    Increasing Efflorescence

    Efflorescence is a salt-type deposit often found on a tiled surface. It has links from the base of the tiles and floors so it weakens the floor and tiles. You should take immediate action in this situation.

    Grout Gaps

    Grout Gaps

    Grout should be properly filled and sealed. Otherwise, it will not take time to damage tiles and you may need to repeat the floor setting processes. You should take immediate action in this situation.

    Improper Sealing

    Improper Sealing

    The improper sealing of tiles can harm the complete floor. If there is improper sealing of your tiles and floors, then you should take immediate action. This can save your floor and money.

    Spills And Stains

    Spills And Stains

    Most spills and stains can impact your tiles. Food, paint, ink and slime are some sources of stains that can affect tiles quickly. You should take immediate action when these spills and stains occur.

    We Serve Every Area Throughout Brisbane And Its Suburbs

    Our Tile Cleaners Brisbane can reach you anywhere in Brisbane and its suburbs. We can even provide you with same-day service in all Brisbane areas. Gone are the days when people in Brisbane were required to spend time rubbing, bristling and scrubbing the tiles, hard walls, and floors for cleaning them. Now, with City Tile Cleaning Services, you can solve all tile and grout issues without any hassle.

    Our team is available in Brisbane but we can reach every suburb in and out of Brisbane, from North to South and East to West. Redcliffe, Caloundra, Gold Coast, Fitzgibbon, Woody Point, North Brisbane, Ipswich, and Toowoomba are most served suburbs by our tile and grout cleaning team.

    The residents of Brisbane enjoy our services. As we never disappoint our customers. Therefore do not waste more time and contact us as soon as possible.

     Tile Cleaners Brisbane


    Yes, we can clean all indoor and outdoor tiles. We can clean all varieties of tiles. We have experience in cleaning shower tiles, kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles, living room tiles, etc.

    Sealing gives good strength to tiled floors so it is required. This helps to keep your tiled floors intact for many years.

    In many situations, you will feel the need for a professional tile cleaning. All such situations are handled carefully by professional tile cleaners. From removing hard stains to fixing slippery floors, all work is easy for professionals.

    Yes, we have a cleaning process that can restore your grimed and stained tiles. We can clean old and stained tiles without scrubbing. 

    When you see stains, loose tiles, moulds, cracks, and changes in the grout colour, then you need to take action to save tiled floors. Besides these, many other floor conditions will ask for care and cleaning to stop further problems.

    Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia