How to Maintaining Curtains In A Home

Checklist For Maintaining Curtains In A Home!

There is no denying that curtains, carpets, and blinds – are possibly the best and most significant things to get charmed in your room. These curtains can not only charm the appearance of a room but also brighten & calm your day. Even though these curtains are perfect to protect your home, rooms, and individuals be saved from harsh UV rays entering into your residence via the sun. So, curtains are not only available to give you your privacy but also give so many other benefits. It is very important to know the checklist for maintaining curtains in a home. This is going to help you keep the expensive curtains saved enough. If anyone wants to know about How to Maintaining Curtains In A Home, this is the perfect blog for you.

How to Maintaining Curtains In A Home

This helps to maintain the curtains in a home without professional assistance. If in case the curtains need professional assistance, you can call City carpet cleaning Brisbane because we are providing the best services of Curtain cleaning in Brisbane and nearby locations.

Follow This Checklist For Maintaining Curtains In A Home:

If you need to learn about how to clean curtains, then you must follow some required procedures and methods. We will teach you about; how to clean the curtains without washing them, how to clean curtains without hanging them, how often we should wash curtains, how to wash curtains, how to know about the checklist for maintaining curtains in a home, etc.

Reduce The Exposure of Sunlight to Curtains

The curtains will get discoloured or fade away when they get exposed in front of sunlight. If the curtains are of light colours, then this is going to resist discolouration or fading away through exposure to sunlight. In case you have dark colour curtains, they will get exposed to sunlight and fade away ASAP. Make sure to draw the curtains back off during daylight. If you will keep the curtains aside during the daytime, then it will help to keep the curtains in the very same manner it was placed prior with no fading away or there will be no damage to the curtains as well.

Avoid using a clothes dryer

To keep your curtains in good condition, always allow them to dry naturally. This can be done either outside or inside, as long as there is enough air. Tumble drying can cause damage to even the most resistant textiles. Instead, wring out as much water as you can and let them drip dry. For more durable textiles, press them on low heat to remove any lingering wrinkles. However, take care not to burn them.

Wash frequently

To maintain the new look and be germ-free you should always wash the curtains regularly. This is going to keep them in terrific shape and smell wonderful. Just like the carpet, by the time it starts to show indications of grime and discolouration, it’s already very unclean, so it’s best not to wait until this stage and instead have a regular cleaning regimen in place.

Wash by yourself

Curtains that can be washed in a washing machine should always be washed separately. Remember, you don’t want your lovely light curtains to turn a stunning shade of pink due to a stray sock. Furthermore, curtains are quite bulky, thus adequate space is required within the drum to ensure thorough washing. If you’re unsure whether to machine-wash the curtains, always err on the side of caution and hand-wash them in your bath or sink in tepid water with a light detergent.

Ensure To Vacuum the Curtains Frequently

Curtains tend to get dirtier and dirtier over a constant period. These will get discoloured, damaged and dustier very sooner. If you want to keep the curtains very safe and clean enough, then you need to make sure to vacuum the curtains more frequently. It is better if you clean the curtains or do vacuuming at least every week. If you are tight with the tough schedule that is completely okay. You can get them cleaned or vacuumed at least once every month. You can vacuum the curtains, while they are hung over. To prevent damaged curtains, you can use vacuuming for its cleanliness.

Read The Instructions

If you bought ready-made curtains at home, then you will find instructions there. You will get a patch detached or a label, on which it is mentioned how the curtains need to be cleaned. You need to make sure that, these instructions are important to know how these curtains are cleaned. If you will not follow the curtain cleaning label instructions, then the curtains will get damaged. So, it better is to read the instructions before making the curtains very good at their condition for longer. These instructions will also talk about the cleaning detergent or cleaning solution which is required to clean the curtains in a home. Make sure to read the instruction, because it is the most important tip in the checklist for maintaining curtains in a home.

Use Gentle Detergent

There are many people who often wash their curtains at home in the washing machine with regular detergent powder. It is not the right step or method to follow. One should consider mild gentle detergent available in the market for curtain cleaning. You should consider those gentle detergents only; otherwise, regular detergents will ruin the curtain’s fabrics completely. Sometimes the harsh detergents leave stains over light shade curtains or darker ones also when washed in washing machines.

Steam Cleaning If Required

If your curtains are filled with bacteria or viruses, then you should focus on doing a steam cleaning. Normal handheld steam cleaners are available in the market. Therefore, you need to check for handheld steam cleaners, which are perfect for not only cleaning but also killing bacteria. This is going to turn the curtains into a completely healthy and hygienic condition.


Curtains are an investment, which every individual wants to save after investing in one. You have to take care of and maintain the curtains. The details we have mentioned above are the best and most effective How to Maintaining Curtains In A Home. It is a perfect solution for you to save investing for professional help every time. You need to ensure that, follow all the measures mentioned above. We hope that your curtains will be cared for appropriately and stay healthy & hygienic all the time