How To Deep Clean Curtains?

How To Dust and Deep Clean Curtains

Curtains have always been the ignored or unnoticed part of the home regarding cleanliness. However, you mop the floors and clean the walls & windows to prevent a home from dust free without noticing how much the curtains emit dust into your premises. Here we will look at “how to deep clean curtains?” It is really important to clean curtains; otherwise, these unnoticeable things can cause several health problems to an individual, like skin allergies and respiratory problems.

Even in the most cautious households, where sticky tiny hands and jumping claws are kept far away from the textiles, curtains frequently seem dirtier than you’d like. It is bothersome, but it is also typical of these thick materials, which appear to sweep up surrounding particles in the air like it’s nothing. So, what are your options? You’ll want to show things off with a quick and simple deep clean, which is where we come in. Continue reading for our expert cleaning suggestions on How To Deep Clean Curtains?.

How to deep clean curtains

How and When to Dust the Curtains?

Most often, the curtains do not generally showcase the dust and wear & tear on them. That is why; one has to think of dusting it. Undeniably, the light dust and little dirt over curtains are not possibly spotted sooner. That is why; one has to think of dusting it at least every 4-5 days and washing & cleaning it once or twice every month. If that is what you will do, we guarantee that you will be able to get cleaner and refreshed curtains. However, one will be able to sense the freshness and every dusting and wash & clean.

That is true; certain curtains do not require much cleaning or regular cleaning. There are two types of curtain cleaning: regular dust and dirt cleaning. It is a simple and sorted way. The secondary is to do the vacuuming.

Whenever you vacuum, it will extract all the dust and dirt and even prevent the massive grime over it. Whatever the vacuum cleaner uses, ensure to attach the right attachment for the appropriate cleanliness.

Know How To Deep Clean The Curtains

It does not matter whether you do the vacuuming regularly; still, you must get the deep cleaning done at least in 3-6 months. The period for deep cleaning depends upon the dirt and dust accumulated over the curtains. Schedule the curtain cleaning process if you have many curtains in your home. When you know how to deep clean curtains, you can quickly get all the curtains cleaned with no doubts and problems.

One is supposed to tackle the deep cleaning process in two ways; either to call for professional help or to do it on their own in the right and effective cleaning process.

Before you start with the curtain cleaning process, you must keep in mind to check the fabric care tags of it. Those instructions have to be followed up; otherwise, the wrong cleaning process might cause some damage.

  • Check the material used to make the curtains.
  • Is there any extra detailing over curtains?
  • Does the tag mention that your curtains are machine washable?
  • Can your washing machine clean curtains?
  • If possible, then try hand-washing the curtains.

If your curtains are heavier enough or made with delicate materials or have any extra embellishments – you should contact the professionals and ask for their help. If you do not want to take the service; you can make contact to ask for some righteous suggestions and advice for the cleanliness.

There’s no problem in dealing with curtain cleaning on your own, but you have to follow the right measures and required process for the deep curtain cleaning process.

Do Machine Wash of Curtains

When it comes to machine washing the curtains, foremost required the mild normal detergent (1/2 cup) and a few drops of vinegar and a small amount of baking soda. Stir them well and put curtains into the machine. Let the washing get done. The mixture you have poured will not only clean the dirt and dust but also helps to remove the stains and stubborn dirt & dust stuck in the depth of the curtain fabric.


It is very important to know “How to Dust and Deep Clean Curtains”? Otherwise, curtains can cause health problems, skin allergies and emits bacteria and many other harmful contaminants, which can cause severe issues. So go through the above-mentioned dust and deep curtain cleaning process to understand, how to do things in the right manner. So, are you ready to give refreshed vibes to your home, room, curtains and every corner? Follow the guide and get results. You can hire City Carpet Cleaning company for best services of Curtain cleaning in Brisbane and nearby locations.