Mattress Stain and Odour Removal

Stain And Odour Removal For Mattresses

Mattresses suffer stains over time even if you keep your house pristine. Mattresses are bound to get dirty. Accidents like spilling coffee/red wine over it, tiny spots of oil drops from your food, urine stains caused by an infant or your pet. These accidents happen when you least expect them. These stains get dried out and are permanent when they are left for too long. With stains generally comes foul odours, our team renders a professional service of Mattress Stain and Odour Removal.

With our excellent mattress cleaning service, these stains can be easily treated and the mattress will smell, feel and look brand-new again. Our products and procedures are certified and safe to use. Further, our mattress cleaners are licensed professionals. Further, our stain and odour removal for Mattresses results are exceptional. Our top priority is your and your family’s health and well-being. Using the safest solutions and adopting the right techniques for cleaning, we deep clean your mattress. Further, you can book us 24 by 7 at 07 4800 2083.

Mattress Stain and Odour Removal

Recommended Products By The Leading Company In Mattress Cleaning Industry

Eco-friendly products have been booming nowadays and the manufacturer’s knowledge about them is reliable. You can always depend on our company’s recommended products. Our eco-friendly products have had exceptional reviews from our customers. They’re personally tested by our team of mattress cleaning experts. With that, we make sure to check the ingredients in the solution. Sometimes the fabric of your mattress is sensitive to some products, so we customise treatment accordingly. You can always contact our mattress stain removal experts. As our experts have profound knowledge about the composition and working of products regarding stain and odour removal for Mattresses.

Process Of Stain And Odour Removal

After the appointment has been made our experts make sure to turn up on time. We respect our clients’ time and this helps in gaining their trust.
After examining the mattress the cleaners begin with dry extraction of dust mites. After this, your mattress is free of dust mites.
The following step after dry extraction is covering the stained mattress area with anti-bacterial shampoo. This shampoo is particularly designed to kill any bacteria on the stain within seconds.
The next step we follow is mattress deep cleaning or blowing steam over it. The detergent is removed and the mattress is left slightly damp.
A quick sanitiser spray with anti-allergen spray is recommended by our experts and the full treatment is finished. At this point, fans or ACs can be turned on so the mattress dries quickly.

Mattress Stain and Odour Removal: What We Do

This entire process can be condensed into just 3 simple steps but choosing the right products and cleaners like us are crucial for this process.

By now your mattress stain/spot is treated by our mattress cleaning team and is drawn out of dead skin, dust mites & any foreign particles that can be taken out while your mattress is dry. The age of a stain usually decides the following processes to follow as the age may vary and also different products are to be used for different kinds of old and dried-out stains.

•Urine stains
• Blood stains
• Vomit stains
• Sweat stains
• Coffee stains
• Scuff marks

These stains can be removed by calling our mattress cleaning service. We use the most appropriate cleaners to provide you with a stain and odour-free mattress.

If Nothing Works Against Stains, We Remove Them

You cannot do everything by yourself and some stains can gross you out. But don’t worry, the mattress stain cleaning service is always there to help you out. We have a great team of experts who are fully well versed with the problems of stain and odour removal for Mattresses and are obviously very professional.

Our Mattress Stain and Odour Removal team always start by asking the right question about the kind of service you want. And checking the tags of your mattress is the priority because you wouldn’t want the fabric to be ruined by any product that the material is sensitive to.
Our mattress cleaners then examine the condition of the mattress and decide on the correct product or cleaner by judging the type of stain.
The process following this step can vary depending upon the size, age and type of stain. It can be blot and dry stain treatment, or dry or steam cleaning.

The results will be promising and mattress cleaning prices are within budget and affordable. Hopefully, this helps you with your problem regarding stain and odour removal for Mattresses.