How To Clean Curtains At Home?

Things To Consider While Cleaning The Curtains At Home

Curtains are one of the most important things in your house as it helps to decorate your home and also keep its air clean. It is needless to say that your curtains get dirty quickly and can even have some stains on them. There are two ways you can clean them, the easiest one is if you contact a curtain-cleaning professional, and the other alternative is you try to clean them yourself. Cleaning a curtain is not as easy as cleaning furniture or cleaning clothes. If you try to clean it yourself, you must be very careful about some elements. You can easily damage the curtain by applying the wrong method of cleaning. Thus, you need to be cautious with your cleaning work.

How To Clean Curtains At Home

Here are a few things to consider while cleaning the curtains at home.

The Material

A curtain can be made of many materials which you must know and have the knowledge of. After identifying the material or the cloth which is used to make your curtain, you must find a way to clean it well without damaging it a bit. Curtains can be made up of various materials like cotton, silk, velvet, polyester, acrylic, lace, voile, brocade, rayon, linen, etc. There are different cleaning methods, and you cannot use one technique for everyone. Curtain damage may cost a lot. You can also ask professional curtain cleaners to help you get rid of the stains in your curtain.

Selecting The Correct Method

You need to select the correct way of cleaning your curtain to get rid of all the stains there. There are a few techniques professional curtain cleaning service experts use- namely steam cleaning, hot water extraction, dry cleaning, shampoo cleaning, etc. Most people do not have the proper knowledge of such cleaning methods. There are different methods to treat different kinds of stains on different types of curtain cloths. You can try and look out for some easy DIYs from the net to perform. Blindly coping with any DIY can also add up to your damage. This element is one of the many things that how to clean curtains at Home.

Some DIYs Tips

Well, you now know the important things you should do before washing your curtain yourself. Here are a few DIYs to help you clean your curtains well. First, you need to unhook your curtains and shake them well. You need to clean the dust first before jumping onto the stains. You can also take the help of the vacuum cleaner for the same. Now you need to mix a bit of washing powder or detergent with a bit of warm water till the detergent grains disappear. Then you can put your curtains in the water a let them rest for some time.
Do not try to rub it or wring it. Now, you can take it out and squeeze out as much water as possible. You can also give it a spin in the washing machine. Now, while it is damp, you can iron it, just make sure that the iron is not too hot. Do not try to wash it or iron it if the label on the curtain asks you not to. Then you can hang your curtains out in the sun for a good few hours. Now your work is done. You can also contact the best curtain-cleaning experts to help you out.

Dry It Well

You need to dry your curtain well after washing it. Often people damage the fabric of the curtain when they try to dry it by keeping it out under the sun for long hours. You surely need to avoid doing that, especially in the afternoon when there is scorching heat outside. You can keep your curtain under a shade that prevents direct contact with the sun. You can also use the help of a hair dryer to help in the drying process. Please note that not all materials support such drying. It is better if you consult an expert curtain-cleaning company before starting the process. This is one of the few things that How To Clean Curtains At Home?.

Sanitise Well

Cleaning your curtain is not enough. By washing it well, you can get rid of the stains and dust but not of the germs and bacteria. As said earlier, curtains attract dirt and dust from the air which makes them suitable for bacteria and pathogens. You need to sanitise your curtain well after washing them. You need to make sure your curtains are properly sanitised and deodorised especially if you have kids or pets at home, you surely do not want them to get ill because of the pathogens. Spraying room sanitisers can help a bit but it will not serve the whole purpose of keeping it clean of bacteria and germs. You can take the help of the best curtain cleaning professionals in town to guide you through the cleaning process.

Curtain Cleaning at Home: Dos and Don’ts:

  • When to Dry Clean It: Even if the curtains or blinds are washable, their linings and seams may shrink in the wash. If you’re not sure, go with dry cleaning. Dry-clean curtains and drapes that have stitched-in pleats, swags, or other complex decor that may not avoid cleaning.
  • Fabrics of Unique Quality: You may refresh velvet draperies without cleaning or dry-cleaning them; simply brush them with a chamois cloth bathed in hot water and well wrung out. If you must hand-wash silk curtains, use lukewarm or chilly water and a light liquid dish detergent. Never spin or twist the water.
  • Avoid Excessive Sun Exposure: Constant exposure to sunshine can weaken even the most durable materials. When cleaning curtains and draperies in the washing machine, use the gentle cycle, cool or warm water, and mild detergent. If feasible, dry them on a clothesline or in an apparel dryer in a no-heat or sensitive setting.
  • Cleaning Curtain regularly: After a thorough cleaning, ensure to dust curtains or drapes regularly with your vacuum cleaner’s gentle-brush attachment or a soft, long-handled broom made of synthetic fibres. If you use a vacuum cleaner, set it to low suction to avoid drawing the cloth into the nozzle. To prevent this, place a firm piece of plastic screen over the nozzle and the cloth, or wrap an old nylon stocking around the nozzle with an elastic band.


Cleaning all the curtains of your home can be a very tough and hectic job. There is also a considerable risk of getting the cloth of the curtain damaged because of the wrong cleaning and drying method. Sometimes you may also need emergency cleaning. You can contact City carpet cleaning Brisbane for your help.