Dust Mite Sanitation For Mattress

Dust Mite Sanitation For Mattress – Mites are invisible to the naked human eye but they exist and are harmful in various ways. They survive on your dead skin cells and the moisture content in the ply of your beds. A warm and humid environment is the perfect, favorable condition for them.
Every member of our team is certified for dust mite sanitation for mattresses. Our team of experts will eradicate any dust mite infestation completely. Everyone likes to have an allergen-free mattress as most of your time is spent on it. Nobody wants allergies like sneezing, coughing, and itchiness. This is where City Mattress Cleaning Brisbane comes in. Call us for a same-day dust mite treatment at any time. We are only a call away from you. For bookings, call us at 07 4800 2083.

Dust Mite Sanitation For Mattress

What Process Do We Follow?

The dust mite sanitation process is uncomplicated. We follow the following steps:

  • After the appointment for dust mite sanitation is booked, our team of experts reaches on time and starts preparing the procedure for the best service.
  • Examining your mattress is the first step toward dust mite cleaning. After this examination, we start with dry extraction and remove as much mite as we can using HEPA filtration. By then, most of the dust mites are removed.
  • Then we spray your mattress down with anti-allergen/anti-dust mite spray and sanitize it. The components of this spray prevent the colonization of dust mites for further 6 months. It is advised to get the spraying done after every 6 months.
  • We then put on your bed covers after your mattress has dried. It can take up to 30 mins for it to dry. Now your bed is clean and sterile for you to sleep.

Some Basic Knowledge You Should Have While Dealing With Dust Mites

  • Dust mites are also called “skin-eating spiders”. This fact makes me uncomfortable as to what if my Mattress is infested by them. Don’t you feel the same?
  • Dust mites prefer and thrive in dark, humid, and warm environments. Your shredded skin on your mattress gives them every reason to stay there as it turns out to be their food supply.
  • They are the main cause of allergies for most people. Due to their small size, you tend to inhale them while sleeping and they cause inflammation in the mucosal lining of your respiratory tract. They’re also very problematic for asthma patients.

Everyone should consider dust mite Sanitation for mattress service. We can improve your quality of sleep in just one visit. Also, we remove mattress odour and stains, those who are really sensitive to them and can get allergies should take this as a priority. But with that, you have to remember that with a good supply of food and a favorable condition the existing dust mites can start to breed. When your hard floors are mopped or mattresses are dusted with a cloth then these mites can transfer to other surfaces. Moreover, dust mites choose the darker sections to breed. So, you can be careful about these things.

What To Do When You’re Sensitive Towards Dust Mites?

Latex mattresses are your go-to option if you suffer from dust mite allergies. Extracted from the sap of rubber trees, latex is naturally resistant to dust mites. Other than the thin layer of cotton covering, the entire core is made up of latex. With this, latex mattresses are super comfortable to sleep in. But if you don’t want to change your entire mattress then you can buy latex-based sheets for your existing mattress.

Don’t Forget The Pillow Covers: Dust Mite Resistants

If you’re buying latex mattresses or covers then it’s only smart and logical to get latex pillow covers too. It is crucial because pillows are being used by you every day. Your cheeks, eyes, nose, and mouth are exposed to these mites every day. But if you do not wish to switch to latex pillow covers then you should keep changing and washing your pillow covers regularly.

Protector & Covers For Mattresses From Dust Mites

You also have an option of buying a latex cover for your mattress as protectors against mite infestation, if you’re unable to switch to a latex mattress. If you’re still unsure about changing your mattress then you must get dust mite sanitation regularly. Our service would help you sleep peacefully and will leave you satisfied. Dust mite sanitation for mattresses is a must for your family. We are sure we can provide the service you’re looking for.