Why Does the Curtain Shrink?

Top 5 Messy Secrets Shrinking Your Curtains

Why Does the Curtain Shrink?

If you have curtains installed inside your house then, there is a 100% chance that you might have noticed that your curtains have shrunk. In fact, curtain shrinking is nothing new and certainly not a thing that you have to worry about. In most cases, almost every curtain has been pre-shrunk by the manufacturer and should not shrink under any normal circumstances. There are various reasons why your curtain has shrunk. Here we have compiled a list of things that could lead to curtain Shrinking or that is the answer to the question, “Why does the curtain shrink?”. Let us explain every aspect in detail.

Why Does the Curtain Shrink?

Reasons Why Does the Curtain Shrink Over Time

Like clothes, curtains also shrink over time and you cannot help but feel stressed about this. But if you would like to take precautions to prevent curtains from shrinking, look at the reasons we mentioned that cause curtain shrinkage.

Often Changes In Temperature

This is one of the reasons why the curtain shrinks. If the temperature of the place where curtains are hung often sees rapid changes then curtain shrinking is possible. For example, full-size glass windows, if you have to hang your curtain in front of this then, the day temperature can be high and opposite at night. This can lead to rapid temperature change that often forces the fabrics of the curtain to change shape and curtains can shrink a lot.

More importantly, if your curtains are hung in places such as kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms, they get easily shrunk. Because they tend to experience more and more humidity on a daily basis, which goes unnoticed over time. Also, curtains that are hung at your patio’s front door quickly shrink as they keep on getting exposed to changes in humidity. The reason for this might be that you are often ignoring regular curtain cleaning.

Wrong Method Of Curtain Cleaning Or Washing

There are specific instructions for every fabric on how you should wash them. If you do not follow the instructions, then it could lead to the curtains shrinking. You should always follow this instruction whenever you try cleaning the curtain. Because the wrong cleaning method puts your curtains through dire consequences. This also goes for the detergent or curtain cleaning methods that you are going to use for cleaning curtains at home. If the curtain needs to be washed with hot water, then you must use the same for cleaning. This way you can avoid various problems that might happen by using the wrong methods for curtain cleaning or sanitising.

The Manufacturer Didn’t Pre-Shrunk The Curtains

This is one of the reasons why curtains shrink. Every fabric or curtain that a manufacturer makes must be pre-shrunk before making its way into the hands of a consumer. But there are certain cases where the manufacturer wasn’t able to pre-shrunk the curtain and this leads to the curtain shrinking later on. In fact, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer for the curtain to be pre-shrunk before it is ready to be sold. Various quality checks are carried out to make sure every curtain is pre-shrunk. However, if by any chance you get a non-pre-shrunk curtain, then there is no way that you can solve the problem. But the good thing is, it is very rare for a curtain to be sold without pre-shrunk.

The Fabric With A Mix Of Viscose

You have to know that one of the main reasons why your curtain is getting shrunk every day is because of the viscose in it. In fact, viscose is a man-made material that is made from wood pulp, which is in turn made of cellulosic fibre such as linen or cotton. It is also a proven fact that if linen or cotton or two fabrics are used in curtain manufacturing, then they lead to shrinkage in curtains; despite the percentage being unnoticeable or more than that.

Moreover, if these viscose fabrics are kept using the curtains, then they cause your curtains to get permanently damaged. This happens over the long run without your notice and you might even lose the chance of recovering them in time to their former state. However, if you are confused about cotton or linen curtains available in the market, that is for a reason. Because when any of these curtains are made, it would be either 100% linen or cotton.

Animal Fur

If your curtains are made of animal fur, they are the main reason for the shrinkage in your curtains, which can be known as felting. The curtains that are made of mohair and wool lead to curtain shrinkage over time as their surface is made of scales. So, when these get exposed to extreme sunlight or moisture, they get compressed in the shortest time. In fact, the felting process is a kind of shrinkage that happens progressively despite you taking extra care of these curtains. Moreover, felting is one of the hardest kinds of curtain shrinkage that causes permanent damage and cannot be reversed.

Conclusion: Why Does the Curtain Shrink?

Why does the curtain shrink? You must have learnt so many things about why curtains shrink and many reasons can shrink your curtains as you read above. So, now if you want a company that offers off-site curtain cleaning, then look for one in your location and nearby. In fact, you might be unaware that many curtain cleaning companies offer to dispatch local cleaners to your home. Once to book these professional curtain cleaners, you can leave the rest in their hands for them to tailor the right cleaning method. Professional curtain cleaning is your one and only best option if you want to save your time, costs from purchasing cleaning materials, etc.