Upholstery Cleaning Tips

What Are Some Upholstery Cleaning DIY Ways?

Keeping upholstery maintained and spotless is quite a challenge for all. Because the upholstery catches dust and stains from nowhere which are quite irritating to look at. In this blog, you will learn upholstery cleaning Tips you can adopt. By just using some home-available products like vinegar, baking soda and detergents, you can easily add a new life to your sofas, couches, dining chairs, etc. These DIY upholstery cleaning methods don’t harm your upholstery fibres in any way. However, we recommend doing patch tests on hidden areas before beginning with any of the following mentioned upholstery cleaning methods.

Upholstery Cleaning Tips

Quick DIY Cleaning Methods For Your Upholstery At Home

Depending upon the problem your upholstery is experiencing, you need to think along the line of upholstery cleaning Tips. As there are multiple reasons for your upholstery to become unclean, the same way goes for DIY upholstery cleaning methods. Therefore, each of these DIY methods to make your upholstery clean needs different ingredients. So, take a look at how we explained in detail how to use different DIY methods for upholstery cleaning like the following

Baking Soda For Embedded Dirt

Baking soda is easily available at home and is best for removing embedded dirt in your sofas and couches. Begin with brushing the upholstery furniture and pre-vacuum it. Now sprinkle some baking soda powder directly onto the stained part and spray some water. Let it rest for a few minutes and clean it with a wet towel.

Later, vacuum the remaining leftovers and let them dry. The finishing result will be a spotless and fresh sofa. This upholstery cleaning method is mostly used in cases of recent and small stains. Baking soda has odour-neutralising properties too. So, it not only cleans the fibre but also removes unwanted odours as well.

Washing Detergents For Surface Cleaning

One of the famous DIY ways of cleaning upholstery is the use of washing detergent solution. It is the most commonly used method of upholstery cleaning these days. All you have to do is mix one cup of washing detergent with a half cup of water and 2-4 pinches of baking soda. Mix them and transfer the solution to an empty spray bottle.

Now spray on the parts that need upholstery cleaning and rub it using a soft cloth. Continue rubbing until all the dirt gets transferred to the cloth. Later finish cleaning with a fresh tissue or cloth of your choice. Ensure mixing the solution in the right quantity only and do not forget to perform a patch test before cleaning the whole.

Soap And White Vinegar For Stains & Odours

White vinegar is mostly used for eliminating tough stains and foul odours from leather furniture. If you have a leather sofa at home that needs upholstery cleaning then go for this method. Add 1 t-spoon of dishwashing soap, 2 t-spoon of vinegar and a half cup of warm water. Mix the solution well and apply it to the stained area. Do not apply pressure, just do patting with a soft hand. Later vacuum the leftover solution and blot it dry. If this doesn’t work well, try again by adding some more teaspoons of white vinegar.

Hydrogen Peroxide For A Brighter Upholstery

One of the best upholstery cleaning DIYs to make your upholstery look clean and bright right away is to count on hydrogen peroxide. Because it gets rid of grease and grime by cutting into the fibres of your upholstery. Moreover, hydrogen peroxide is also one such solution that helps in naturally brightening your upholstery, despite the fabric type.

So, now, take one cup of warm water and hydrogen peroxide each to mix and pour it into a spray bottle. Take another spray bottle to combine a cup of warm water with dish soap. Now, first, spray the soapy solution onto the upholstery and let it saturate the fabric. Then, spray the hydrogen peroxide solution evenly and sprinkle generous amounts of baking onto it. After that, spread the baking soda evenly onto the upholstery and let it dry overnight. Next day, vacuum the upholstery to find desirable results where you get to see your upholstery becoming clean and bright.

Rubbing Alcohol & White Vinegar For Paint Stains

If your upholstery became a victim of paint stains and is no cleaner, then take a DIY cleaning method suggestion from us. Because both of these mentioned solutions are alcohol-based cleaners and are effective for paint stain removal. In fact, white vinegar also has the properties of removing paint odours.

Thus, to execute this DIY cleaning method for the removal of stains from your upholstery, you need rubbing alcohol and white vinegar, each a cup. Now, take both these ingredients pour them into a dry spraying bottle and mix them. The next step is to spray this solution over areas with paint stains and let it dwell for about 1 to 2 minutes. Later, blot the affected area using a clean and dry cloth. Repeat this stain removal method until you find no more stains on your upholstery.

Conclusion: upholstery cleaning Tips

Hope the above upholstery cleaning Tips help you! However, if you are fed up with your dull and pale furniture after using DIY ways of cleaning upholstery, then think of hiring professional upholstery cleaners. If you feel that DIY upholstery cleaning is a battle to face, then no need to waste your time on DIY and instead count on professionals. Because from pre-cleaning, cleaning and post-cleaning, everything is considered under upholstery cleaning services. Moreover, for every cleаnіng service they offer for sofas, couches, ottomans and others, they have designated equipment. Also, the cleaning solutions they use for upholstery steam cleaning methods are quite different from the dry cleaning method. Hence, for an emergency or same-day service, count on experts!